schryosel (schryosel) wrote,

Wishful speculation regarding Ros Myers

I really should not be indulging in Spooks rewatches at this time what with academics being sinfully taxing and all...BUT. Watching the S8 finale gave me a How and Why Ros Myers Would Not Have Died Thought and that's all that matters for now. Go and sulk in the background you irrelevant school stuff.

It occurred to me while watching Ros dragging the Home Secretary along the hotel corridor that she probably was going the wrong way about it. I can safely say that I don't have very much experience dragging grownups across floors but having often run around with a screeching sibling held around the leg through the house must count for something. And as far as I can tell, pulling someone by the legs (no pun/idiom intended) is far more effective than haul-dragging someone by the shoulders or arms.

I can't imagine Ros didn't think of this. I'll therefore just conclude that she was doomed to a death by the Spooks Rules which dictate that no individual on the grid but Sir Harry Pearce shall live to embrace old age. Sigh. S9 had so much potential for having detailed discussions on perfume ingredients between Ros and Lucas. They might even have got married.
Tags: fandom, where i talk nonsense
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